Tips for Styling the Perfect Gallery Wall

framed family pictures

A gallery wall is one decorated with several pieces of art and/or photographs. It creates a focal point in a room, providing creative interest or a themed display. This decorating trend has been popular for a few years, and there are some tricks for styling the perfect gallery wall.

Common Curation

The first step to styling the perfect gallery wall is to choose pieces that have something in common with one another. Whether that’s a place, experience, design style, color scheme, or hobby, the options for setting the theme of your gallery wall are almost endless!

Mix & Match

A great gallery wall will include a mix of different pieces of art. Wall art such as a giant letter, forged wall appliques, clocks, and even plates or jewelry stand out amid framed pieces. Incorporating a balance of paintings and photographs can do this as well. And it’s not just the art itself that you can mix and match – try using a variety of frames for a fun mix of textures and complementing colors.

Craft Your Colors

Choose a color or palette of complimenting colors to solidify the theme of the gallery wall, and make the wall look curated. If you choose to get a little more edgy with your wall and use pieces with all kinds of colors, use the same neutral-toned frames and matting to achieve a different kind of curated look.

Tell a Tale

Some of the most engaging gallery walls are comprised of photos and art pieces that tell a story. Photos and paintings from your travels, family memories, and other good times make a wonderful theme for the story of your gallery wall.

Play with Placement

There is no one way to hang your gallery wall. Try a few different layouts on a tabletop or the floor to get the placement just right before you start hammering picture hooks into the wall. When you get to hanging your gallery wall, be sure to leave at least 8 inches between the base of each frame and the top of any furniture that is placed against the wall.

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Featured photo source: Personal Creations, labeled for reuse.