The Best Way to Safely Transport Framed Artwork

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Your framed artwork is a valuable investment, regardless of the initial purchase price. Original art can greatly appreciate in value as time goes on, so that piece you bought on a whim from a local gallery may end up being worth much more by the time your children have grown. Such valuable assets require special care, so when you’re moving or shipping your artwork in the mail, you should prepare the piece accordingly. Here’s how to safely transport your artwork and framed pieces.

Secure the Glass

First and foremost, if your artwork is under glass, you’ll want to ensure its not cracked or shattered during transportation. If you’re concerned about damage to exposed canvass, it may be smart to secure it with a layer of glass and painter’s tape for easy removal. That way, if damage does occur the glass will be much easier and cheaper to replace than the original piece itself. Place the painter’s tape in a loose grid with additional strips in a diagonal pattern so that if the glass cracks, it won’t shift and scape against the piece. Afterwards, put a layer of cardboard over the glass to reduce static cling and improve the stability of the piece during transport.

Cover the Frame

Wrapping the frame itself with a layer of bubble wrap or cushioned material will prevent the corners of the frame from damage during transport and keep it easy to handle. Remember to securely tape the covering at the back of the piece and not along the sides – you’ll want easy access to it once it’s arrived in its new home.

Use a Fitted Box

You may not be able to find a box that exactly fits your dimensions, but that’s fine – just as long as it’s only slightly larger than the size of the frame! Especially if your artwork is highly valuable or holds a special place in your heart, it’s worth the extra cost to invest in a snug and fitted box. Packing companies and shipping facilities should also offer Styrofoam corners for frames to protect them during transport. If there is extra space in the box, you’ll want to use extra bubble wrap or Styrofoam to pad it out. Once it’s in the truck, don’t set it down flat – position the box vertically against a mattress or soft cushion during the move.

Of course, there are specialty services that will deliver and ship artwork all around the world with the utmost of care – you’ll just have to pay the premium for their services.

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