The Best Way to Hang Grouped Photo Frames

framed art cuckoo clock on wall

Grouped framed photos are coming back in style and homeowners and apartment dwellers alike are hanging photos of all shapes and sizes on their walls in creative and interesting arrangements. But if you’ve ever tried hanging multiple photos or pieces in an arrangement before, you know the headaches involved with measurement, leveling, and spacing between the frames. With years of experience framing and hanging artwork and photographs of all sizes, the team at Frame Up Studios has a simple, straightforward method for hanging groups of framed pieces in a beautiful, tidy fashion.

Step 1: Choose Your Frames

When sizing your frames, the size of the artwork or photographs is just the first step. With matted and bordered frames available, you can adjust the size of the given frames to accommodate your design, but the two should go hand-in-hand. Multiple frame sizes are fine, as are multiple sizes for the artwork or photos, but once you’ve gotten the pieces you want, you’ll want to play with the arrangement on a flat, even surface to see how they look. Set your frames on the floor and get a better look by standing on a chair or step stool to see how the arrangement holds up from a distance.

Step 2: Determine Layout

Because the arrangement is up to your own imagination, the possibilities here are endless. We’d recommend fewer frames for smaller wall areas and larger frames (or additional artwork/photographs) for larger, more vacant wall spaces, but again, it’s all up to your creative design. Once you’ve got an arrangement you like, draw a simple blueprint with measurements to keep things organized.

Step 3: Create a Template

Now that you’ve gotten your arrangement down, you can save yourself a lot of time, stress, and drywall by cutting out paper templates with craft paper to the same sizes as your artwork and taping them to your wall. Use darker colors (or colors matched to your desired frame colors) to achieve better contrast against your wall materials. That way, you can arrange and rearrange depending on the desired look.

Step 4: Start Hanging

Now that your templates are up and your stand-in frames are in the proper arrangement, you can leave them where they are and begin adding mounting devices. Whether you’re using nails, Monkey Hooks , or adhesive hangers, you should be able to place the hangers directly where the templates currently rest. From there, hang your framed artwork or photographs in their proper place, then stand back and enjoy your work.

Wasn’t that much easier than grabbing your leveler and measuring tape, making endless pencil marks on your wall? Whether you’re a long-time art enthusiast or framing your first works, Frame Up Studios is here to help. As a long-time member of the Seattle art community and the Fremont Art Walk, we’re proud to support local artists and photographers as well as art collectors protect and beautify their pieces. Contact us today for more information about our services or stop by the store. We’re located in the heart of Fremont at 3515 Fremont Ave N and we’re proud to be a member of this unique and vibrant community. Come see us today!

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