A Step-by-Step Guide to Hanging Your Frame

A topsy-turvy frame can be an eyesore, even in an otherwise exquisitely decorated room. Whether you have a masterpiece, a keepsake, or a favorite photo or print just begging to be framed and commemorated as a focal point on your wall, make sure you hang it properly in order to draw the right kind of attention toward the piece. Once you find the perfect frame, start with this step-by-step guide to hone your frame-hanging technique.

1. Find the right tools

Depending on how large or heavy the frame is and where you want to hang it, you need to choose the right materials to safely secure it to the wall. For smaller, lightweight prints, a single nail or picture hook would most likely suffice. For heavier pieces, reach for a wall plug or toggle anchor to keep it sturdy and centered.

2. Select the perfect spot

Do you want to feature the framed piece by itself or incorporate it into a gallery wall? Whatever location you prefer, try to keep it at eye-level of the average person. Find the center point of the wall space with a measuring tape and lightly mark it with a pencil or a small piece of painter’s tape. Enlist a helper hold the frame while you mark the top edge.

3. Know the dimensions

On the backside of the frame, measure from the top of the frame’s edge to its hanging hook (or hooks). If there is a hanging wire, hold the wire taut extending toward the top of the frame and find the distance between the two. From the painter’s tape or pencil mark you made to indicate the top of the frame, use those measurements to indicate how far below the top of the frame to mark for the nail. Align the distance with the center mark to make sure your piece is aligned in the middle.

4. Place your nail

Be sure to hammer your nail in the wall at a bit of an incline to give it a hook formation. Another expert tip: If you’re worried about hitting your thumb, use a clothespin to hold the nail in place while you hammer.

5. Keep it even

Use a level to make sure your frame isn’t lopsided. The eyes can be deceiving, but a leveling tool won’t lie to you. When all’s said and done, your frame should hang straight and add personalized style to any wall!