How to Select the Perfect Frame

When selecting the perfect frame for a work of art, you may not know where to start or what to look for. There are countless frame options to choose from, but not all of them will be the right fit for your intended use. Take some time and effort to ensure your frame complements the subject and help draw the eye to its most impressive features.

Frames should suit the size, shape, and color of the piece without overpowering it. A gaudy, mismatched frame could distract observers or diminish the overall look of the art. By starting with some of these basic techniques, you’ll be better able to select the perfect frame for the art in your home, office, or gallery.

Highlight Focal Points

One of the best methods to select the right frame is to first determine the key aspects of the piece that attract your eyes. What are you trying to accentuate in the work? Often times, dark, heavy frames can help emphasize deep tones or subdued themes. By contrast, light frames draw viewer attention to softer lines and areas of contrast. Ultimately, a great frame will still ensure the audience’s primary focus remains on the central themes of the work.

Complement Your Surroundings

Another key component of selecting the perfect frame is to determine the area you plan to display the artwork. If the piece will rest on the walls of your home, select a frame which complements your décor in terms of size, color, and texture. However, if you are unsure of the final location for the piece, select a frame versatile enough to match a wide range of environments while still highlighting key features of the work.

Accentuate Color and Texture

Selecting a frame that suits both the color and texture of the work is vital. For a busy nature scene, including items like large jagged mountains or turbulent seas, a subtle thin, white frame may be appropriate. Conversely, if you’re framing a still-life with simple lines, a decorative, patterned frame may be a perfect fit.

Ask Our Specialists

Last but not least, the best way to find the perfect frame is to shop around in-store. Bring a photo of the piece you plan to frame (or bring the piece itself, if is small and not too vulnerable) and measure it ahead of time. Our frame specialists can then walk you through your frame options before you narrow your picks down to your favorites. We can even provide a custom frame that is sure to fit the piece like a glove.

With just a few simple techniques and some help from the professionals, you’re sure to find a suitable frame to accentuate the unique aspects of your treasured artwork.