How to Perfect Your Grad’s Photos Before Framing

It goes without saying: graduation is a momentous occasion. Whether it’s high school graduation, college graduation, grad school graduation, or another ceremony, it’s a milestone that marks the beginning of a new life stage. While walking up to the podium to accept a diploma is a rewarding moment for the grads themselves, it’s also sentimental for their parents, family members, and friends.

If you have a special grad in your life, why not turn those graduation day photos into beautiful keepsakes? Even if you’re not a professional photographer, it’s possible to perfect your camera roll with a few finishing touches. Here are a few photo editing pointers to keep in mind so you can proudly display your favorite shots.

1. Create a blank canvas

When you upload your images to a photo editing software, you may be tempted to apply many changes. However, because there are often existing natural contrasts that may not blend well with certain edits, avoid being too heavy-handed upfront. Instead, flatten the photo by gradually bringing down the highlights and upping the shadows (but remember, subtlety is key!). This may dull the photo initially, but this technique typically provides a solid base for the edits to come.

2. Get rid of distractions

Use a healing brush or spot healing brush to soften any obvious distractions. Your grad won’t want to look at this photo and focus on a glaring zit instead of the proud memories. Remove distracting skin inconsistencies and anything in the background that will take away from your graduate being the center of attention.

3. Don’t go overboard

While tasteful photo editing can improve and enhance your shots, try not to overdo it. Focus on improving your photography skills and avoid relying on trendy filters or effects. You want your photo to be a timeless keepsake, and not something that vaguely resembles your grad in the end.

4. Find the perfect frame

Once you have edited your photo to your liking, make sure you give it the frame it deserves. Find a custom or ready-made frame that speaks to your home decor, proudly display your handiwork, and reflect fondly on your grad’s accomplishments.

Even with DIY editing pointers, sometimes a job is best left to the professionals. Frame Up is proud to offer in-house Photoshop adjustments and printing services to ensure your photo is just as impressive as its frame. Contact us for more information!