Parents: Don’t Forget to Frame Those Senior Pictures This Fall!

It’s that time of year when we all marvel at how fast the years have passed. The leaves begin to change as your child enters his or her last year of high school. This may be your first child or your fifth going through this process, but you know there’s so much to be done within this next year. Don’t let your child’s senior pictures slip through the cracks. In addition to getting them taken, you need to find the appropriate way of displaying them in your home. In this regard, you have two options, DIY or professional framing.

Here are some steps in case you choose to do your own framing:

Gather your tools

First off, you will need to have cotton gloves to ensure that no chemicals touch your skin. For the actual framing process itself, you will need matte, under-mount, hinging tape, mounting strips, a frame of your choice, Kraft paper, double sided tape, D rings, and wire.

Create a hinged mount board

Ensure the matte frame is the appropriate size for your photo. Then lay the matte and the under-mount side by side. Use a straight edge to put them in line. Then use the hinging tape to tape them together on one side. Cut off any extra tape on the edges.

Position the photo and secure it

You don’t want your photo to be off center, so measure the sides of the under-mount and matte very carefully. This will ensure that when the matte and under-mount are folded together, your photo will be perfectly in the center and not off kilter. Once you’re sure of the position, tape it using the mounting strips and fold the matte to the under-mount. Secure it with double sided tape.

Put the print in the frame

Now, using this “print sandwich” that you have created, put it in the frame, ensuring that the glass is clean with no smudges or dust. Back the frame with Kraft paper and use the D rings and wire on the back so you can hang it, and voila!

While DIY framing is certainly possible, it takes a lot of time and effort, which many parents don’t have. If you want a quicker solution that will look beautiful in your home, look at places like Frame Up Studio, that offer professional and even custom frames, so you can display your child’s achievement in the way that best suits you.