New Apartment? Here Are 3 Ways to Make It Feel Like Home

framed art

Late summer means new apartments, homes, and rented rooms for college students and young couples all around the country. While there’s something romantic about sitting on a stack of boxes with a roll of paper towels and some pizza, the feeling of setting up your new place and making it your own is something special. Check out these three tips to truly make your new pad feel like home.

1. Invest in New Drapes

Some household items should stay with the old place (or wind up in the trash) – drapes are one of them. Rather than bringing in the dirty, faded old curtains from your last apartment, start fresh with a new set of curtains. Do yourself and your new place a favor and breathe easy with a fresh set of window coverings – you might be surprised the difference it makes.

2. Add Some Texture

Rather than picking a style and sticking with it, try mixing your different “looks” and add some warm textures to your space. Leather furniture, an old wooden coffee table, cozy throws and pillows – unpacking that stuff first will instantly warm your new home up.

3. Frame Your Artwork

Nothing looks tackier or temporary than posters or loose artwork strewn across the walls of your home. Framing your artwork and photographs adds a sense of permanence to your place regardless of how long you’ve been there. Protect your precious artwork and instantly establish your household in your new space with professional framing and you’ll feel at home in no time.

Looking for a friendly, community solution to your artwork and photo woes? Frame Up Studios, proud host of the Fremont Art Walk, has been helping artists and homeowners alike frame their valuable artwork and photographs for nearly 30 years. Contact us for more information or stop by the next time you’re in the neighborhood!

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