Leave Canvas Stretching to the Professionals

blank canvas

Paintings on canvas, such as oil and acrylic are often left unframed. The canvas is usually stretched and stapled to a simple frame – the frame keeps it stretched evenly, otherwise, it could warp. Although canvas stretching may seem relatively easy to do, it is better left to the professionals. Here’s why…

  • Materials: Although it may seem more economical to stretch your own canvas, you must usually buy the canvas in bulk – which means more up-front costs. The other tools required for canvas stretching are pretty mainstream, and can be purchased at any hardware or craft store: staple gun and canvas pliers.
  • Space: Unless you have a dedicated art space, you will probably have to take over the dining room table to do your canvas stretching. Of course, this won’t be a problem if you’re doing the project in one sitting, but it will put the table out of commission until you’re done.
  • Quality: This is the single most important reason why you should leave canvas stretching to the professionals. Stretching the material yourself is likely to result in inconsistencies. With professional canvas stretching, done by experienced framers, you can expect a top-quality result! They can also get the job done more quickly, so that you can get your art up on the wall sooner. Best of all, Frame Up Studios in Fremont can professionally print your digital photos to canvas, making the transition simple and beautiful from start to finish.
  • Risk: Consider the value of the art that you are framing. With watercolors and prints that meet common sizes, you can easily and safely frame it yourself. Custom-sized pieces will often require custom professional framing. But canvases require far more manual manipulation and force in order to stretch them onto the base frame. When you have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on a canvas piece, do you really want to risk tearing or over-stretching parts of the canvas and ruining it? It’s safer to trust a skilled professional.

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Featured photo source: Pixabay.com