Graduates: Here’s How to Frame Your Diplomas

framed diploma

Congratulations! You’ve just turned your tassel and thrown your cap in the air and are looking forward to a long and successful career (fingers crossed!). While your actual diploma probably isn’t in the mail yet, the day it arrives will be another momentous occasion. While DIY jobs may seem like a cost-effective solution, there are several reasons to consider having your diploma professionally framed:


With custom frames and UV glass, professional framing materials and expertise can ensure your artwork, diploma, or portrait is safe and stands the test of time. Yellowing, fading, and wear is common in DIY framing jobs, which is why we always recommend professional framing for valuables like artwork, certificates, and diplomas.


Cheap DIY frames can look like just that – cheap, shoddy, and unprofessional. The decorations you put on your wall are meant to be admired, scrutinized, and inspected – why skimp on any factor? Investing in a professional frame means your diploma will have a custom-sized border, matte background, or other decorative options that will look and feel great.


Cheap frames come with big headaches, especially if your frame is slightly larger or smaller than your diploma. Inaccurate measurements and cheap materials make us avoid low-cost frames entirely, but if you’re dead-set on a DIY solution, at least opt for a higher-quality frame that won’t break or damage your diploma itself.

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