Don’t Frame it Yourself! Here’s Why…

rob owner displaying frames

Everybody is all about DIY these days, and we think it’s fantastic that so many people are getting creative and enjoying the process of working with their hands to make something unique. However, there are some things better left to the professionals and those with specific expertise. One of those things is framing, and this is because of the level of skill and caution that quality framing requires.

When you have a beautiful painting acquired on a recent trip to Europe, or a vivid image captured in a moment of photographic genius (or luck), don’t frame it yourself! The first and most important reason to choose professional framing yourself is safety. This is particularly critical when you are working with glass, since beveling and cutting glass can be dangerous work. However, the other materials in framing can pose a safety risk, such as wood saws and heavy-duty staples.

The cost of mistakes is a significant reason why you should reconsider framing a piece yourself. Ranging from incorrectly sizing the pieces of a custom frame, to cutting a mat inaccurately, the smallest misstep can cost you in materials and time. Professional framers have the extensive skill and time spent on the job to avoid these mistakes effortlessly – their minds have been conditioned to think ‘framing’ when measuring and cutting through each part of the framing process.

Another reason why you shouldn’t frame art yourself is that you are unlikely to know all of the options for frame material, matting, and beyond. Framing professionals like the team members here at Frame Up Studios are in the trenches with these materials all day long, and we can help you find an amazing combination to really make your artwork or photography pop.

Frame Up Studios has been providing top-level framing services for nearly 30 years! With superior craftsmanship, an innovative design approach, and dedication to structural integrity, we provide the best quality of professional custom framing at a fair price. Contact us to discuss your frame-ready art, and we can answer your questions about our framing services.