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4 Seattle Art Museums to Visit

We’re in the framing business, so it’s no secret that we’re art fans. Fortunately, Seattle has plenty to offer in the way of art, and much of it can be found at our city’s local museums. Whether you’re a fellow Seattle resident looking to experience some culture or a tourist exploring the area, here are…
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What Is Gilding and How Do I Care for a Gilded Frame?

Gilding has existed as a go-to decorative technique for centuries. You may even own a gilded item or two, even if you’re not familiar with the name of the process. If that’s the case, it’s time to unfurl the mystery! Gilding simply refers to the practice of applying a thin layer of gold leaf over…
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How Does Art Restoration Work?

Just like humans, art ages over time. As the years pass, light, regular moves or transfers, and normal wear and tear can cause the colors that once defined a piece to fade and surfaces to fray or become damaged. Sometimes, particularly delicate pieces can become damaged or develop holes, rips, and other blemishes. The process…
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