Best Places to Hang a Mirror in Your Home

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Mirrors are excellent design features in a home, but it can be tricky to determine where best to put them. The following best places to hang a mirror in your home may help you find the right options for your spaces…

Functional use spaces. You need a mirror in the bathroom and bedroom, at least. In the bathroom, the mirror is needed for shaving and/or applying makeup. A small, magnifying mirror extension may provide additional functional use. Meanwhile, a full-length mirror is necessary for the bedroom or dressing area, providing a clear view of your apparel. Common places for a full-length bedroom mirror include the backside of a bedroom or closet door or a decorative standing mirror.

Decorative accent places. Many people hang a mirror near the front door, over a valet table, for example. This setting offers both the functional use of the mirror for last-minute hair and makeup checks, as well as a bright, reflective decoration in the entryway to your home. Add a mirror to a gallery wall to mix up the types of art in the collection. Other common decorative accent places for mirrors are above a desk or buffet table, fireplace, or side table. A mirror makes an excellent focal point!

Areas with poor visibility or blind spots. A mirror can be used to improve the security of your home, when it is used to reflect your blind spots. This is important if you live alone, or spend lots of time in the home alone. It may help you rest more easy as you cook in the kitchen to place a mirror above the stove. Or, hanging a mirror above your desk can help you keep an eye on any unexpected activity behind you.

Small rooms or spaces. Mirrors are an effective and inexpensive way to make a small space look and feel larger. Hanging a mirror in a long, narrow hallway can help reflect more light and give the illusion of more space. Grouping them together, turning them sideways, or faking a window by tiling small mirrors out are examples of ways to use mirrors to make any space feel larger.

As you select the best places to hang a mirror in your home, you may want to pay attention to the feng shui of mirror placement. Hang any mirror strategically so as to avoid reflecting any of the following no-no’s:

  • Doors/windows
  • Toilet
  • Kitchen sink
  • Bed
  • Clutter
  • Another mirror

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