5 Ways to Use Frames in Your Wedding Decor

Many engaged couples spend months dreaming up an aesthetically pleasing wedding decor theme. If you’re looking for some unique yet classic focal points to add flair to your wedding or reception, consider this unexpected source: frames. Frames of all sizes, shapes, colors, and textures can be included in your decorative plans. Here are five of our favorite ways to use them.

1. Use a variety of frames to showcase your love story. From pictures of your first vacation together to diplomas you earned together throughout college, frames can be used to display your favorite memories for guests to admire. Use damage-free hangers to create impromptu-looking displays inside your wedding or reception space. You can also stand them up on a table, possibly near the cake or your gift location.

2. Create a wedding photo booth with frames. Investing in a few larger frames can create an awesome photo opportunity for wedding guests. Keep them empty to use them as props or suspended some from the ceiling or on easels. Frames of various designs can be used on their own or with an additional backdrop, such as curtains or a banner, to inspire a fun keepsake for your guests.

3. Use frames to add pizzaz to the reception hall. Whether you create one big frame display in the front of the reception hall or customize individual displays at each table, frames can work double duty as eye-catching decor or even as small take-home gifts for your guests.

4. Create chalkboards with beautiful frames. What better way to display your wedding hashtag, your menu, your thanks to your guests, or the entertainment schedule for the reception than with a DIY chalkboard? Pick a striking frame (or several), then install a wood plank brushed with chalkboard paint for instant charming character.

5. Use frames as abstract decorations. Whether hung on a wall or suspended from the ceiling, canopy, or trees, empty frames can create striking and geometric displays in your ceremony or reception space. Try to create clusters with diversity in terms of size, shape, color and design. Ensure they are securely fastened and you’re good to go!

The Right Frames Can Make a Big Impact on Guests

You want your wedding to be memorable, and one surefire way to make it so is to create a unique décor scheme to add style to your fabulous event. If you’re decorating with frames, Frame Up Studios can help. We offer a wide assortment of custom frame options, as well as many perfect ready-made frame and mirror options.