4 Unique Items to Frame

What makes a house feel like a home? It starts with all the memories shared and the personal touches that encapsulate the best of times. The perfect way to invite others into your space and experience its character is to highlight your most prized possessions and memories… and what better way to do so than by displaying them for all to see?

When you frame something special to you, you preserve a meaningful moment for years to come. In many ways, you immortalize the memory behind it. While you’re likely used to framing photo memories, you can showcase even the most unique and unexpected items. Here are a few of our favorite ideas. Get inspired, and come into our Fremont studio to find your perfect frame!

1. Special collections

Whether you are an amateur seashell hunter or even an avid feather collector – if it has a special meaning to you, let others know about it! Have you inherited a remarkable coin collection? Or perhaps you’ve accumulated keepsakes from family vacations through the years? Shadow box framing is ideal for figures or medallions. Double-sided glass frames accommodate a variety of personal collections.

2. Your favorite books

Some books deserve to be judged by their cover! If you own a book with an extra special cover design, such as a limited edition or a sentimental childhood story, why not frame it, hang it, and enjoy it day after day? You may also choose to share your most nostalgic memories with your own child by having the covers specially framed as decorations for a nursery or child’s room.

3. A colorful tapestry or fabric swatch

In ancient times, many castles and palaces would decorate walls with enormous tapestries that told the history of the royal family or kingdom. Why not write your own history? When you find a fabric piece that speaks to you, frame it as a statement piece in your favorite room or gathering space.

4. Treasured kitchen keepsakes

Do you have a special recipe that has been passed through the family for generations? Don’t just stuff grandma’s handwritten lasagna recipe into a drawer or keep it hidden away in a notebook… frame it and hang it on your kitchen wall!

Repurposing personal treasures as sentimental decor not only fills out your open wall space — it also gives all of your unique items the spotlight they deserve.