4 Cropping Tips for a Perfect Framed Photo

When considering using photo tools to enhance your favorite images, cropping may not be the first option that comes to mind. Many assume cropping only cuts photos to size, when in reality, a strategic crop has the power to make or break your photo. Here are four tips to help you use cropping to your full advantage.

1. Careful Body Cropping

If you want to showcase an individual or family portrait, a haphazard crop can make for a less than ideal result. When cropping around a subject’s body, be careful to avoid cutting limbs at the joint, as this can create an off-balance visual effect. Additionally, take care to leave some breathing room around the subject’s face so he or she doesn’t appear claustrophobic.

2. Apply the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds should be used regardless of whether a photo is vertically or horizontally oriented. Consider the rule in terms of where you should place your subject. The focal point doesn’t need to be at the dead center of the photo. Instead, try situating the subject in either the right or left third. When framing a headshot, crop the portrait so the subject’s eyes are in the top third, as this creates an engaging sensation of eye contact.

3. A Little Goes a Long Way

Don’t get too carried away with cropping, as that may compromise the image quality and lead to a pixelated finished product. Whenever you crop, work on a small amount at a time. Start by removing distracting items at the edges of the photo, or cut away a small stained portion of the subject’s shirt, but be sure to leave the essence of the photo intact.

4. Get Creative

Photography is all about creativity, so don’t be afraid to experiment with cropping. For instance, try upping the drama by focusing on a small detail. You can even crop in a unique shape such as a circle or even a hexagon. Once you’re satisfied with your perfectly cropped photo, bring it by Frame Up Studios. We proudly offer professional printing services and will work with you to select a unique frame or create a custom piece. No matter the size or shape, when you come to Frame Up, you’ll leave with a framed photo you can be proud to showcase for all to appreciate!